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Together with Pete Goodman and Mike Allanson of the Comrades we helped sme.sh and their in-house developers plan and implement a innovative single page app to help a startup social network demonstrate their business idea to investors.

The web app turned out to be a pretty full-featured social network, containing user posts, infinite scrolling, user following, visualisation of dynamic social geo-data on a map, commenting, like buttons and integrations with other social networks. I led the development effort on the Backbone + Marionette single page app which featured a heavily automated Grunt build process, while sme.sh developed a Python REST API as a fully separate component. This separation of concerns between front and backend led to a pretty frictionless and pleasurable development process.

Founder and CEO of sme.sh Tom Quick was nice enough to make the following endorsement of our work:

Pete, Jed and Mike were able to quickly organise themselves into a highly productive frontend dev team to help us plan and deliver a single page web app for a startup social network client while working closely with our in-house producer and backend devs. Despite a quick turn around and tight budget the quality of their work was excellent throughout the build.


  • + Planning

  • + JavaScript

  • + Responsive

  • + Mobile optimised

  • + Backbone

  • + Marionette

  • + Automation

  • + Tools

  • + Grunt

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