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Decoded are one of the front-runners in the emerging professional digital education space, and in winter 2014 together with the rest of the Comrades I helped to provide Agile process consultancy while implementing a new key part of their web-based business software.

Decoded's co-founder Alasdair Blackwell had this to say about the experience of working with the Comrades:

Working with Matt, Mike, Jed and Pete was a joyful experience. Their combination of cutting-edge experience, process, professionalism and technical ability led to an atmosphere of trust and confidence and a regular stream of high-quality pull requests. The resulting software is robust and scalable, and has made our business better. Couldn't recommend them enough.

  • Date Winter 2014

  • Site Not yet live

  • Client decoded.com


  • + Agile

  • + Consultancy

  • + Planning

  • + JavaScript

  • + Responsive

  • + Gulp

  • + Automation

  • + Browserify

  • + Backbone

  • + Marionette

  • + Testing

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