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GeoGrep are a startup in the geo-search and location SaaS space. In the winter of 2013 Pete Goodman and I helped them develop a prototype single page web app to demonstrate their backend infrastructure and break into the Indian property search market.

Using Backbone + Marionette and the Leaflet JavaScript mapping library we were able to produce a highly usable prototype property search web app in the style of sites such as Rightmove that has since evolved into a cornerstone of successful business in India.

Founder of GeoGrep Kannan Rasappan said this about our work:

Pete and Jed worked with us to develop the first version of our one page web app during the initial stage of our business. We were really pleased with the quality of their work, it allowed us to concentrate on scaling our business which is now a great success. They understand and foresee the current and future requirements. We haven't had to change much of the web app to this date - though it was supposed to be a prototype. The current developers have a high regard for them. The experience of working with them was more than pleasant.


  • + JavaScript

  • + Node.js

  • + Backbone

  • + Marionette

  • + Leaflet

  • + REST API

  • + Geo search

  • + Mapping

  • + Geo visualisation

  • + Geo coding

  • + Automation

  • + Grunt

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