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Working for RES alongside Mike Allanson and with consultation from Richard Hallows we helped a business create a modern component-based CSS style guide and framework for use in a refresh of their critical software products.

We based the CSS architecture on the SUIT CSS methodology, which favors adaptability, simplicity and maintainability at the expense of DRYness and abstraction. We avoided the use of CSS preprocessors, and instead wrote future-facing plain CSS using PostCSS. We also set up a Codeship deployment pipeline that deploys the style guide site, bumps the project's semver and releases a new version of the CSS for consumption within the business as a Bower component.

  • Date Spring 2015

  • Site Private

  • Client RES


  • + Style guides

  • + CSS3

  • + SUIT CSS

  • + Adaptable CSS

  • + CSS Components

  • + CSS Architecture

  • + PostCSS

  • + Responsive

  • + npm

  • + Node.js

  • + Bower

  • + Codeship

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