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The React framework is bringing new vigor and techniques to JavaScript development such as true component-based modularity, unidirectional data flow, immutable data structures and functional and reactive programming. One of the exciting new approaches partly enabled by these new trends is universal JavaScript.

Universal JavaScript apps run the same code on the server and the client to achieve the best of both worlds; fast fully-formed SEO-friendly server rendered responses, and fast transitions between routes and high interactivity once running on the client. Getting the benefit of universal JavaScript doesn't mean you have to write your API in Node either, a common emerging pattern is to write a thin Node server for rendering the universal app server-side which then proxies back to an API written in whatever language makes the most business sense.

I've been busy developing a hobby app designed to investigate the full potential of many of these exciting new developments. Take a look at AutoKitty.

  • Date Summer 2015

  • Site AutoKitty

  • Client Self


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  • + ES6

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