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At the start of a new year and after the formation of the Comrades it seemed appropriate to refresh my portfolio ~ this site!

The idea behind the site was to use modern tools to create a site that was quick to build, easy to maintain and frictionless to deploy. To that end I chose simple npm scripts tooling, a Node.js Hapi backend and Dokku Docker-based deployment to a Digital Ocean VPS via a Codeship continuous integration setup.

I'm really pleased with the way it turned out. The code-base is small and easily comprehensible, it only took me a few days to build and zero-downtime Docker-based deployments to a $5 server are just a git push away. Yay me!

The site is on GitHub so feel free to have a mooch around.


  • + Node.js

  • + npm

  • + Automation

  • + Hapi

  • + Unix

  • + HTML5

  • + CSS3

  • + Responsive

  • + Codeship

  • + Dokku

  • + Docker

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